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    1 Box of 2012 Topps Chrome & a boxes worth (12 pks) of Assorted 2009-2012 on BlogTV!

    Hey guys,

    Won a big poker tournament recently, so I've been itching to bust some wax for the first time in a few years... Have been looking at Blowout Cards Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials, but unfortunately I was working through them.

    So I got out of work early today, and both LCS's always close at 5PM... Since I am usually working til 5, I thought it was only perfect to stop by both and pick up some stuff.

    1 box of 2012 Topps Chrome (1 auto guaranteed, and 1 i got)
    3 packs of 2009 Bowman Chrome
    1 pack of 2010 Bowman Chrome
    2 packs of 2011 Topps Chrome
    2 packs of 2012 Leaf Certified

    2 packs of 2012 Topps Platinum
    2 packs of 2012 Topps Finest

    4 autographs, 1 game used, and some nice inserts/refractors! So getting 3 autographs and 1 game used out of 12 packs was pretty clutch to say the least...

    Base Cards (69): (3 Jets, Sanchez!, Cotchery and Revis)
    Just ask

    Rookie Cards (44): (1 Jet, Antonio Allen Chrome)
    2012 Topps Chrome (36):
    Brandon Thompson
    Gerrell Robinson
    Mike Adams
    Chandler Jones
    Nick Toon
    Melvin Ingram
    Bruce Irvin
    Casey Heyward
    Devier Posey
    DeVon Wiley
    Dont'a Hightower
    Fletcher Cox
    Eric Legrand (Respect to Topps and the Bucs)
    Janoris Jenkins
    Courtney Upshaw
    Chandler Harnish
    Derek Wolfe
    Cordy Glenn
    Kevin Zeitgler
    Marvin Jones
    Billy Winn
    Jonathan Martin
    Tavon Wilson
    Andre Branch
    Kendall Reyes
    Antonio Allen
    ...and last but not least my 10 favorites of the bunch
    Isaiah Pead
    Robert Turbin
    Nick Foles
    Reuben Randle
    Bernard Pierce
    Ronnie Hillman
    Vick Ballard
    Russell Wilson
    Justin Blackmon
    Robert Griffin III (great centering and surface, kinda pumped)
    2012 Topps Finest:
    Kirk Cousins RC
    Ryan Broyles RC
    2011 Topps Chrome:
    Robert Quinn RC
    Bruce Carter RC
    2010 Bowman Chrome Jonathan Dwyer RC
    2009 Bowman Chrome RC's:
    Brian Cushing
    BJ Raji
    Jason Smith

    Rookie Card Inserts (2 Jets!):
    2012 Topps Chrome Brandon Weeden 1957 Dual-Frame RC Insert
    2012 Topps Chrome Stephen Hill 1957 Dual-Frame RC Insert2012 Topps Chrome Justin Blackmon 1965 "Tallboy" RC Insert
    2012 Topps Chrome Chris Givens 1985 Topps RC Variation
    2012 Topps Chrome TJ Graham 1985 Topps RC Variation (Saved for Tony/Enigma)
    2012 Topps Chrome Stephen Hill 1985 Topps RC Variation
    2012 Topps Chrome Robert Griffin III 1985 Topps RC Variation

    Rookie Card Refractors:
    2012 Topps Chrome:
    Trent Richardson!
    Stephen Gilmore
    TY Hilton
    Peter Konz
    Mohamed Sanu Die-Cut Red Zone Rookies Refractor
    2011 Topps Chrome Da'Rel Scott RC Refractor
    2011 Topps Chrome Danny Watkins RC Refractor
    2012 Topps Platinum Justin Blackmon RC XFractor
    2012 Topps Platinum Brian Quick RC Refractor

    Veteran Inserts/Refractors:
    2012 Topps Chrome Warren Moon 1985 Topps RC Reprint
    2012 Topps Chrome Refractors:
    Drew Brees
    Patrick Willis
    Michael Vick
    Rob Gronkowski
    2012 Topps Finest Arian Foster XFractor
    2012 Topps Platinum Michael Turner Thick Decoy Refractor

    Serial Numbered Cards:
    2009 Bowman Chrome Jared Allen XFractor (221/250)
    2009 Bowman Chrome DeMarcus Ware XFractor (170/250)
    2012 Topps Chrome LeGarrate Blount Sepia Refractor (61/99)
    2012 Topps Chrome Kendall Reyes Camo Refractor (376/499)
    2012 Topps Chrome Ryan Lindley Prism Refractor (115/216)
    2012 Topps Chrome Marcus McNutt Gold Refractor (11/50)

    and finally the hits!!

    2012 Leaf Certified Dwight Freeney GU Jersey Red parallel (48/49)

    2012 Leaf Certified Stephen Hill Freshman Fabric Dual Patch Auto (235/499) (PC!!)

    2012 Topps Finest Joe Adams Rookie Card 2 Color Patch Auto (0344/1353)

    .....drum roll.....

    2012 Topps Platinum Reuben Randle SICK Rookie Card 2 Color (Red/White) Jumbo Patch Auto GOLD Refractor Parallel (4/5) !!!

    2012 Topps Chrome Matt Kalil Rookie Gold Refractor Autograph #/10 EXCH!!

    It's always nice to get a couple Gold Refractor autographs out of 1 box and some loose packs...

    All are for sale/trade except for the Jets!~!

    Hope you don't mind my OCD and my detail-oriented posts...

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    waiting to see how ya did ,

    and I have some nice jets chrome to trade , including sanchez chrome refractor rc , topps sp varitaiton helmet rc sp , topps mayo mini sp , upperdecm satr and draft edition rcs , along with many other jets chrome from 2008 to 2012

    my wants include

    andrew luck
    patriots colored
    peyton manning colored
    gold rcs and reds and sepias
    chrome rc autos and variations
    what ever catches my eye lol
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    Hey Matt!! Can't Wait To See What Ya Pulled. Also I'd Like First Shot @ Your Colt's Card's Ya Pulled If Ya Pulled Any.

    Thanks, John

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    VIX - Got a decent amount of what you noted, let me know what you like.

    John - Long time no see! I got a Reggie Wayne Certified Base, Chandler Harnish Chrome RC, Vick Ballard Chrome RC, and the Dwight Freeney GU /49.... Also know i have at least 2 peyton mannning GU stashed away somewhere... Let me know what kind of Jets/Knowshon/Donnie Brown (Colts i know it might be hard for you to give up lol) or RG3...

    Thanks all for the read! Happy trading

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    pretty nice break!


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    Hey Matt!!! LMK What Peyton GU Ya Have. I Have The Other Colt's Card's Ya Listed Buddy. I Have These Card's If Ya Could Use Any.

    '09 Playoff Contenders "Rookie Roll Call" #10 Donald Brown

    '09 Press Pass SE "Headliners" #HL-8 Donald Brown

    '09 Press Pass "Banner Season" #BS-1 Donald Brown

    '09 Press Pass "All-Americans" #78 Donald Brown

    '09 Score "Hot Rookies" #9 Donald Brown

    '09 R&S "Cross-Training" Ser#157/500 #25 Donald Brown

    '09 Sage Hit #34 Donald Brown RC

    '09 Topps Kickoff #124 Donald Brown RC

    '09 UD Draft EDition #140 Donald Brown RC

    '09 Topps #370 Donald Brown RC

    '09 UD Hereos #152 Donald Brown RC

    '09 Topps Finest #83 Donald Brown RC

    '09 Topps Finest Refractor Ser#352/429 #83 Donald Brown RC

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#1431/2012 #67 Donald Brown

    '09 UD Draft Edition "Scouting Report" #205 Knowshon Moreno

    '09 Bowman Chrome #127 Knowshon Moreno

    '09 Topps National Chicle #C192 Knowshon Moreno RC

    '09 Topps National Chicle "Youngsters Of The Gridiron" #YG-10 Knowshon Moreno

    '09 Topps Platinum #129 Knowshon Moreno RC

    '09 Topps #390 Knowshon Moreno RC

    '11 Triple Threads Ser#732/999 #69 Knowshon Moreno

    '12 Prestige "Stars Of The NFL" GU Jsy Ser#177/249 #24 Mark Sanchez

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0058/2012 #126 Quinton Coples RC (Jets)

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0851/2012 #160 Mark Sanchez

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0862/2012 #304 LaDainian Tomlinson

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0362/2012 #364 Antonio Allen RC (Jets)

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0196/2012 #404 David Harris

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#1588/2012 #439 New York Jets/AFC East Division

    '11 Donruss Elite "Aspirations" Ser#60/79 #68 LaDainian Tomlinson

    '11 Topps Black Ser#53/55 #419 Darrelle Revis

    '11 Topps Chrome "All-Pro" #15 Darrelle Revis

    '11 Topps "Faces Of The Franchise" #FF-NS Joe Namath/Mark Sanchez

    '11 Donruss Elite "Craftsman" Ser#160/999 #23 Santonio Holmes

    '11 Prestige #249 jJremy Kerley RC

    '10 Topps Unrivaled Ser#434/999 #UV-LT LaDainian Tomlinson

    '10 Topps Chrome "Gridiron Lineage" #CGL-NS Joe Namath/Mark Sanchez

    '09 Press Pass "Banner Season" #BS-13 Mark Sanchez

    '09 Press Pass "Game Breakers" #GB4 Mark Sanchez

    '09 Press Pass SE "Class Of '09" #CL-1 Mark Sanchez

    '09 Sage Hit #6 Mark Sanchez RC

    '09 Topps Magic #144 Mark Sanchez RC

    '09 Playoff Contenders "Draft Class" #16 Mark Sanchez/Shonn Greene

    '09 Bowman Chrome #137 Shonn Greene RC

    '09 Topps National Chicle #C58 Shonn Greene RC

    '09 Score Inscriptions "Young Stars" Ser#24/32 #9 Dwight Lowery

    '09 Topps National Chicle Mini Bronze #C43 Joe Namath

    '09 Topps Chrome "Chicle" #C66 Jerricho Cotchery

    '08 UD Icons "NFL Legends" Ser#272/999 #LEG15 Joe Namath

    '08 Gridiron Gear "X" Ser#013/100 #68 Jerricho Cotchery

    '08 Score Select "ScoreCard" Ser#093/100 #219 Jerricho Cotchery

    '07 Topps Total #529 Darrelle Revis RC

    '07 Score "ScoreCard" Ser#695/750 #169 Jerricho Cotchery

    '04 UD Legends Ser#260/650 #166 Jerricho Cotchery RC

    '04 Topps #331 Jonathon Vilma RC

    Thanks, John

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    Interested in the RGIIIs from Chrome, Arian Foster Finest Xfractor

    Would also be interested in the Kalil EXCH

    LMK Thanks,

    I am looking for GU'd, RCs and Autos of: JJ WATT, Kawhi Leonard, Other Current and Spur Legends, Carlos Correa, Jose Altulve, Alex Bregman, Panini Points...
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    PMs sent out to all that inquired. Sorry about the delay!

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