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    Working today. Want to see if I can get any trading done.

    Gonna be another long and boring day at work, so I wanna see if I can get any deals worked. It will at least pass the time. I know I don't have a lot, but I'd love to work out some deals.

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    still need the joey galloway about my livingston auto jersey for it?? could also use that jimmy smith..let me know

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    i like this:

    Victor Martinez 2005 MLB Artifacts Auto Facts Auto #/599

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    shultsy-We will talk.

    bearsfan1-I can use the Dewayne robertson Jsy.

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    detroitfan-I can use the Ozzie Newsome Auto or Billups Auto.

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    i'm sorry, i'm not really looking to trade either of those for the martinez. anything else?

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    That was really it. I like those though if you change your mind.

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    eric dont know if i have anything but i like the t.p. contenders lmk thanks,neal

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    Neal-Nice stuff, but it's going to take something special to get a Troy from me.

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