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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Box Break Thread

    During Black Friday and through Cyber Monday I spent close to $500.00 on various boxes of cards from wrestling to baseball cards. Unfortunately online retailers didn't have a lot of WWE products on sale so I decided to try my luck on a couple different TNA boxes. After I finish opening boxes here and there over the next couple of days I will list everything and post scans of all the cards.


    First two boxes arrived early due to them being delivered by the USPS and not UPS. Posting boxes in the order that I opened them.

    2010 TNA The New Era Hobby Box x2

    Box 1: Number 0934/2400

    Brian Kendrick Autograph 30/50
    Taylor Wilde Autograph 09/50
    Kurt Angle Relic 053/199
    Beer Money Inc #42 08/30
    Kurt Angle Obak #96
    Hogan & Flair Obak #100

    Box 2: Number 0449/2400
    (Out of the two boxes this was the best one by a mile.)

    Hulk Hogan #4 Purlple 1/1

    ODB Autograph 38/50
    Jerry Sags Autograph 44/50
    Syxx-Pac Relic 18/50
    Ric Flair Obak #92
    Mick Foley Obak #97

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    Nice breaks man
    2017 WWE Women's Division
    Jason Giambi/Kris Humphries/Tyler Wilson

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    Opened 4 more boxes of TNA product.

    2008 TNA Cross The Line x2
    2009 TNA Knockouts x2

    Here are the hits by box and set.

    2008 TNA Cross The Line

    Box 1 Numbered 4768/4800

    High Impact Championship Redemption Card: This was for a Karen Angle autograph baseball but is expired. Will contact Tristar to see if they will honor it.

    Mick Foley Autograph 46/50
    Booker T/Sharmell Dual Autograph 3/5
    AJ Styles Relic 88/99
    Petey Williams Parallel Card 21/50

    Box 2: Numbered 4749/4800

    James Storm/Robert Roode/Homicide/Hernandez Quad Autograph 21/25
    Kip James Inscription Autograph
    Sting Dual Shirt/Bat Relic 32/99
    Homicide Parallel Card 32/50

    2009 TNA Knockouts

    Box 1: Numbered 0653/3600

    Angelina Love Autograph
    Traci Brooks Autograph
    Roxxi Top Drawer Relic 08/10
    Taylor Wilde #87 Parallel 01/10

    Box 2: Numbered 3459/3600

    Awesome Kong Autograph
    Sojournor Bolt Autograph
    Madison Rayne Top Drawer Relic 66/75
    Angelina Love Parallel 12/40

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    Opened 72 packs from my lot of 240 that I purchased. Pulled a Christy Hemme autograph card.

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    Just finished opening the rest of the packs and should of just stopped after pulling the autograph.

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    Got four boxes in today.

    x2 2008 TNA Cross The Line
    x2 2012 WWE Topps Heritage

    1 Box results of TNA Cross The Line. This was a hot box.

    High Impact Championship Card: Autographed Photo Hand Signed by a TNA Wrestling Star (Contacted Tristar since the redemption's are expired. I was told they would try to fulfill the redemption or replace it with something equal or greater in value. I should be mailing them out by Monday and will post what I receive at a later time.)
    Matt Morgan Autograph
    Sonjay Dutt Inscription Autograph (The Guru) When I was opening the box on camera I thought it said "Gury" I feel like an idiot now but whatever. Probably won't post it on youtube now.
    Brother Ray Autograph 04/50
    Christian Cage Autograph Relic 35/50
    Petey Williams Parallel Card 03/50 (Pulled the same card earlier this week numbered 21/50

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    Just opened another Hobby box of TNA Cross The Line. This was another hot box.

    Willie Urbina Cyan Printing Plate Autograph 1/1
    Jacqueline Blue Autograph 4/5 (Was stuck together in same pack as the AJ Styles autograph)
    AJ Styles Blue Autograph 3/5 (Was stuck together in the same pack as the Jacqueline autograph)
    Raisha Saeed Autograph Relic 80/99
    Hermie Sadler Autograph 19/50
    Muscles Ink Raisha Saeed Parallel 17/50

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    Was looking over the base cards from the 24 retail pack lots and came across two numbered parallel cards. Pretty cool I found two more cards from this lot.

    Jeff Hardy #76 38/40
    Cowboy James Storm #10 23/40

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