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    D&A Black Friday 11-12 Cup Tin.....I see Gold...

    Well i couldn't pass up the black friday D&A sale on 11-12 Cup..

    This is my first time opening my own tin.

    All available for Ryan Miller or FS!!

    Here it is:

    Cup Base Larry Robinson /249

    Cup ARP Ben Holmstrom 2 Clr /249

    Cup Honorable Numbers Drew Doughty /8...(Redemption)

    Cup Trios Jersey Corey Crawford/Duncan Keith/Patrick Sharp (1Clr/1Clr/2Clr) /25

    Cup Gold Rookie Anton Lander **1/25**Cup Base Patch Parallel Derrick Roy 4 Clr /10


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    Quote Originally Posted by FanOfSpeed08 View Post
    nice break! overall a great tin
    Yea not bad

    Quote Originally Posted by spxrules View Post
    Nice doughty!
    too bad it was a famous UD redemption

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    How much was the box for on sale? Thinking of getting one next sale

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    Ages 8+ I'm13 and I cant lol Great break sick doughty

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    Cup Trios Jersey Corey Crawford/Duncan Keith/Patrick Sharp (1Clr/1Clr/2Clr) /25
    cmb or pm me price

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