Just got home from Hockeytown Authentics and their Toys for Tots auto signing event. Great event, get to help out those less fortunate for Christmas and get to meet some great Hockey Legends...how can you go wrong?

Pics of the signers (Draper, Maltby, and Delvecchio) and a couple strangers who got in my shot

Managed to get a couple pucks for the future hockey room (currently only have a hockey closet)
Love that Delvecchio included the HOF 77, staff said in order to keep the line down NO Inscriptions but Delvecchio was cool about it.

A little project towel I've been doing for the last couple months
(Abdelkader, Delvecchio, Draper, Helm, Maltby, and McCarty) adding Mr. Hockey to it at a signing on the 16th

And I have a weakness that everytime I go to Hockeytown Authentics I always have to check the stick racks....

Brought home this bad boy

Was really hoping they had a Howard or a McCollum from the Griffins but Conklin was the only goalie stick they had so figured why not.

What a wonderful Saturday, Got to meet and shake hands with a Hall of Famer, Got some new autos for the collection, Got a gamer, but most importantly got to help out some families for the holidays that aren't as fortunate

Now to attempt to photo match the Conklin