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    Patch cards all for trade - artifacts trios, tandems, mammoth, and more

    hey everyone,

    if you see anything in the traders album you need, make an offer of other patch card (s) or cash or both and we will try and work out a deal. always willing to give a good deal if I am getting a mammoth card in return that I need for the set. speaking of which the second link is of extra mammoth cards I have and I will trade those ONLY for other mammoth cards unless your really making an offer I can't refuse. enjoy :)

    remember I will trade for any and all mammoths. I will give better deal for those I need (see below), and I will also buy any that I need or are really awesome!!!!

    here are my needs - saad/10, moore/10, vincour/10, brendan smith/10, hartikainen/10, voynov/10, leblanc/10, larsson/10, greening/10, condra/10, zibanejad/10, read/10, couturier/10, rinaldo/10, gardiner/10, frattin/10, orlov/10, scheifele/10, bourque/5, roy/5, brodeur/5, messier/5, crosby/5, ovechkin/5

    thanks for looking

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    you willing to give up your kane dominion patch /25 for a paul coffey jersey/patch /75 from artifacts 12/13

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    Hey, I need the Gardiner Mammoth jsy /50, plmk if I have anything you can use for it thanks!!
    I collect MOST current Leafs! Major PC: Jake Gardiner
    Other PC's: Rielly, JVR, Kadri, Lupul etc. NonLeafs: Crosby, Datsyuk.

    Website/Wantlist/Tradelist: Hidden Content

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