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    Talking Who do you collect? We have TONS of player and teams card and memorabilia for sale

    We have a HUGE inventory of stuff at the shop.

    I am wanting to ask who or what do YOU collect?

    We have card, jerseys, autos, helmets, GU card, low numbered parallels, just a TON.

    Let me know who you collect and I can make some great deals on anything.

    Post who or what you collect and like here and I will contact you and tell you what we have!!!

    I look forward to talking to anyone :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by deansayso View Post
    Hardcore Pawn is the worst
    +1 But its like a train wreck once you start watching it you just cant seem to stop. But thank god for commercials.
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    Quote Originally Posted by texastexanCC View Post
    +1 But its like a train wreck once you start watching it you just cant seem to stop. But thank god for commercials.
    soooooooo true

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    You a part of Hardcore Pawn?
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    Ya this is the account for the shop, my name is Ryan and I work at the shop

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    A little obscure, but always looking for cards of Rohan Davey. I have most, but there are still quite a few I need. Almost all of his cards are from 2002 if that helps.
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    not calling you a liar, but it would be cool to see a pic of you with les holding a paper with screename and date on it...


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    he is the real deal just do some research on ebay name and that will lead you in right direction but i DEMAND a pic as well. lol
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    ALWAYS looking to add to my PAT WHITE Collection!!
    Buying or trading for everything of his, please PM me if you have anything.


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    Show some pictures of your shops inventory! That'd be fantastic. On the original topic, Pawn Stars is the best.

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