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    It is true about Panini products having at least 2 hits in there boxes that are single color jerseys.

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    I usually love Topps, love chrome, platinum, and finest. Usually buy a box of each, but after seeing the box breaks this year, I've kinda avoided boxes except for Chrome. Plus Panini is redemption filled with people that don't plan on signing. I think its funny they come out with their redemption updates and you see cards from 2010 and even longer than that.

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    People buy what they like. They have liked and supported Topps for many years. Unless and until Topps gives them a reason to end their support, they will continue to do so.

    This is like asking why some people buy Big Macs when Whoppers are available. Everybody has personal preferences that they don't really need to justify to anybody.
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    I love topps chrome this year. Both companies are fantastic indeed. Panini makes too many products in my opinion

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    For a set collector, like me, it's easily attainable to put together a set and every year I buy two boxes of their football product. I always will.

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    I hate superimposed cards. The college pictures with the pro jersey on them with 00 on the jersey. Hilarious. I also noticed that Leaf makes cards with no jerseys because they do not have NFL or College rights. Hilarious, why would someone buy that product?

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