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Thread: Which 2011 Panini Hobby Box?

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    is it worth getting and what would be a good price on one?
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    Neither is going to get you anything spectacular, and you are likely to not make your money back, but if you had to pick one, I'd go with the second.
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    Out of those two, don't buy Longevity. That stuff is garbage

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    Like the others say, box busting there are very few boxes you'll get your money back. But of the two, I'd rather the second, more packs to open=more excitement. Thats just my humble opinion though

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    Longevity has stunk since 2005. If you have to pick, pick R&S

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    Topps Chrome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ConnorHeaney View Post
    whats a good 2011 for rookies <$100>
    See my post ^^^^
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    Topps Supreme is good if you are planning on busting more than 1 hobby box.

    otherwise I would go for plates and patches or limited

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