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    Prizm 2.5 boxes & 1 Totally Certified

    Busted 2.5 boxes of Prizm and one of Totally Certified. Certified was TOTALLY a waste with the exception of the King auto. Enjoyed Prizm but way, way short of the set with a lot of doubles.


    TC: 3 worthless jersey cards:




    Downtown Bound
    Steve Nash x 2
    Russell Westbrook

    Chris Bosh
    Mario Chalmers
    Paul Pierce

    Another insert not sure what is it
    Karl Malone
    Wilt Chamberlain

    Amari'e Stoudemire
    Stephen Curry
    Jason Terry
    Scottie Pippen
    Zydrunas Ilgauskas
    Kim English


    Houston auto is the only one numbered # 14/25

    That's it.

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    Yeah that's terrible breaks, that's pretty much how all panini product goes. Interested in any bosh and R. Gay base and inserts u have

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    i feel like they had so much potential with the Prizm set, but just wasted it by having too many base cards and too many no name auto's!

    interested in any LeBron or Dirk base you pulled.


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    I'm interested in any Rockets you pulled. Thanks.

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    yeah without the rookie jersey/patch auto in certified the product looks much weaker this year. Those rookie patches especially were cool looking. Before you could pull something like this.

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