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Thread: 4 Pack Break - 4 Hits

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    4 Pack Break - 4 Hits

    After breaking a box of Triple Threads i decided to try my luck at cracking packs. i busted 3 packs of Certified and 1 pack of momentum. The hits were not great but i thought it was incredible that i got three hits in three packs of certified and whats funny was they were the last 3 packs in the box. Maybe more amazing was how unlucky i was in pulling 3 redemptions in 4 packs. Pretty happy with the pulls overall, not a bad day of cracking. all for trade.

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    like your hillman or pierce redemptions, cmb?
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    Quote Originally Posted by unitasfan View Post
    like your hillman or pierce redemptions, cmb?
    I didn't see anything of interest right now. Thanks.

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