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    OPG/Store/Inventory limited Use Over the next 24 hours

    The good news is a lot of members are using the OPG/Inventory system. The bad news is we are out growing the server quickly. I have to limit some features for a while until we can fix this. First, we will install a temporary fix that will shut down features if the server load gets too high. Second, and the long-term solution, is to get a second server that will host the OPG/Store/Inventory system.

    So, if there are some features that are unavailable today and tomorrow, that is the reason! I'll keep you posted.

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    is the trade manager gonna be up gain any time soon?
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    Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate the ability to organize my collection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palantri View Post
    is the trade manager gonna be up gain any time soon?
    The Trade manager is up and running right now. Thank you all for your patience on this transition.


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    Harry has written a custom script similar to that of the forum. When the load gets high the forum search and my posts/threads is disabled. Wen the load gets to high the OPG will be disabled as well.

    This is a temporary fix until a more definite one is determined.

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    I am unable to get to my Trade Manager and every time I try to click on something it says server is too busy. Any idea when this will be fixed so I can complete this trade and then find a more stable site to trade on?? Thanks!

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