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Thread: Need to make some trade

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    Need to make some trade

    Looking to make some trade looking for cowboys 2012 absolute or ok'd thunder or sooners thanks

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    Any Cowboys? I can only trade you a few thousand base. lol Or if you are interested I am selling my ungraded Emmitt Smith PC. Seriously. I would love to trade some Cowboys for refractors, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning. Will trade by BV so if my 100 cards are only .05 each, and you only have something worth $5.00, I'm willing if you are willing. On common base(not Emmitt), I'll even go 1/2 BV or better.

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    Man I have a ton of emmitt base I'm mainly looking for jersey and auto cards of cowboys but I do have chrome refractors and possibly some other stuff you would want we might be able to figure something out

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    Oh on the cowboys cards if you have anything from this year that's numbered or of demarco Murray that's numbered I'd be interested

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    just added a bunch of thunder to the 4 sport tradelist in my sig along with cowboys
    Trading for Steelers,Penguins,Pirates and ex Michigan players
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