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    I've been thinking of picking up a box or two of 11/12 Heroes and Prospects, I pretty much want to collect another set besides just 11/12 Enforcers, do you recommend this product?
    Like Reinhart says, not for everyone, and my case was pretty decent. You get lots of hits but because they are not NHL licensed there are lots who don't want them. I enjoy H&P (the price should be good for boxes now) and most ITG stuff but for me BTP is a favorite although it will be a bit pricier, and Decades/Canada vs the World are great value for your buck I think. .

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    I can use the Hall/Allen if it is FT. PLMK

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    emmasaces: didn't see anything for it I could use
    Yakupov4calder: nothing I could use for it
    FFEMT840: Sorry, already gone.

    Thanks for all the comments guys.

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    Interested in the Musil, check my bucket and see if anything you are interested in?

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