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Thread: Is this is a fake Gretzky?

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    Is this is a fake Gretzky?

    I have posted the link to this Gretzky. Wondering if it's a fake and why? thanks 4.m1423.l2649

    I found this interesting while I was looking at "professional fakes" em2c685e890a
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    I had a look at it. It feels too good to be true. The edges look super sharp, too sharp even. Plus, when I zoom in on that oilers logo in the bottom right, the placement of the oil drop is closer to the edge than I have ever seen in any real Gretzky RC.

    For some fakes, without having it in hand, its too hard to call. What really tells the difference is the cardstock. If it turned out to be real, I bet it would be a BGS8 or something and a steal for whomever buys it. My bet is that its a fake and whomever buys it will be out quite a bit of money.


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    Yeah it does look really good. It has the yellow dot on the shoulder which rules out a lot of the counterfeits out there, but unless you buy it and send it in to be authenticated there's no real way to tell just going off a pair of scans.
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    Doesn't paypal have buyer protection for counterfits?
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    What I thought was strange was the light brown circle on the back side of the card. It is located on the front of the skate, similar to the listed "professional fake." There is also another faint line in the middle of the skate after the "Guy Lafleur."
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    The card back is too dark and perfect, and it does not have the traditional darker paper pieces that appear to give the OPC card back the slight look of wood.

    It is too clear with no darker beige flecks, and trending to almost a Topps Grey back.

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    Well, for starters there is no way that card ever came out of a pack, so there's that (Topps sent OPC their old dull blades to cut the 1979-80 hockey cards. OPC wanted to save money and they said, "Meh, they're just hockey cards. Who cares?" So, according to OPC and Topps reps, there is no possible way a pack pulled Gretzky RC could have perfect edges and corners). But, that doesn't mean the card couldn't have been cut from an un-cut sheet (Which has happened. PSA won't grade cut-sheet cards, BGS will). Now, if the card was from a cut sheet, then her "brother" either cut it himself, knew who cut it or purchased it. No history in the auction on the card otehr than, "My brother's had it for 15 years". And her "brother" would know, if he purchased a Gretz RC, that a Gretzky in that condition would be worth at least $2,000 - $10,000 graded (Looks like it could be a BGS 9 or 9.5 on the right day). So why would someone not pay the extra to get a card graded to make an extra $2-$10,000? Well, they wouldn't if they knew it would come back graded as a fake. So, there you go.
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