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    i will also clarify that i have dealt with the certain member on facebook for the past two yrs and he has not screwed me over once.he always sends xtra cards.just thought i would say my 2 cents

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    ther wher no deal when hi did send me a tracing nr that wasent my tracing nr , the tracing nr he gave me was t an adress in the us noth to sweden !,, so a called my post office and the did return the letter to me ,

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    Huh ? im confused lol.. maybe he just changed his mind or did i misread it all.
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    I have dealt with Rob Warne numerous times and never had a problem. Rob is a standup guy as far trading goes and often will give up more BV for a card(s) he really wants. There must have been some miscommunications somewhere for this deal to do bad.
    To automatically take the poster's side as gospel without hearing both sides of the story is wrong. Please remember that there are two sides to every story and somewhere in the middle is the truth.
    I also belong to several trade groups on Facebook. I can honestly say I have less problems in those groups than I have had on this site, not that I have had a lot of problems.
    I hope my feedback of 300+ is good enough to vouch for Rob.
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    This is the info we have on the OP at CnC:

    Reason for BAN: Scammed member out of VERY expensive Gretzky. In the end, the member DID receive monetary compensation, but that was only AFTER Swedish authorities were alerted. Stay away at all costs.

    I'm not intending to call anyone out but I would like to hear Rob's side of the story as well. Just because you call the police, it doesn't mean you can't get charged.
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    I as well have dealt with Rob on many occassions on very high end deals. Rob has yet to do me wrong and usually goes well over value when you have a card he wants. All in all he is a very solid reputable trader

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    lol, +1

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    Somebody is telling Porkies.

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    Well this is done.
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