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    Warriors to trade Jamison for Van Exel

    Warriors are going to trade Antwawn Jamison, Danny Fortson, Chris Mills, & Jiri Welsh for Nick Van Exel, Popeye Jones, Avery Johnson, & Evan Eschelmeyer, pending league approval Monday.
    What do you think of this ?

    My thoughts are Warriors are going back to the top 3 worst teams in the league again. They blew it signing Fortson to a big deal and not playing him. Same with Mark Jackson and not playing him. Could have traded Jackson for a late 1st round pick from Phoenix, but got greedy and got chum change in return.

    Could have solve the point guard problem by drafting Ridnour (he was available when they drafted) but no...had to pick Pietrus, another off guard. They had Richardson and Welsch.

    Now they're full of point guards... Van Exel, Johnson, Claxton, Sura, Zimmerman (2nd round 2003), and Logan (2nd round 2002 who did not sign in 2002).

    PREDICTION FOR 2003-2004: worst record in NBA, lowest scoring average in NBA , GM fired, etc.

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    the pietrus pick made sense, the guy is a stud while ridinour will probably not make it past his 3rd NBA season

    this trade actually does make some sense
    The warriors needed to dump the mondo contracts of mills and fortson, and while fortson did produce good numbers (something like 12pts 12 boards) since the contract, they arent what they expected from him. Having these two contracts was the reason they could not resign arenas, destroying the team
    The Warriors gain a scoring point guard, which is what they need with a team of slashers, however Van Exel does not know how to pass, so it will become a problem. The other 3 are throw ins with contracts that can be bought out or are over at end of season, letting the Warriors have cap space next year, while still keeping two core players in richardson and pietrus. Jamison had to be in this trade to make it worth it for Dallas
    On Dallas' side, they gained two good players, while losing one that was only a no-problem because Finley was out for much of the time after Nick was traded to Dallas, keeping him would prove to be a problem. Jamison will be forced into a reserve roll, which is not right for someone who has done nothing to deserve a demotion. I think that Dallas will trade either him or Finley before the All-Star break, but definitely before the deadline. In the case they do not move them, Dallas will be faced with Blazer syndrome with too many good players not gettin adiquite playing time, which will end up leading to their demise

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    Pietrus may be a stud...we'll see in 2 years if it's true...same with Ridnour. Only problem I see is that Pietrus and Richardson are both off-guards. Who is going to be our backup small forward? I believe the Warriors are going to regress from a productive year last year and "rebuild" again.
    This is what I see for the Warriors:
    Dunleavy SF
    Murphy PF
    Dampier C
    Van Exel PG
    Richardson OG

    Foyle C
    Pietrus OG
    Sura PG
    Jones PF
    Eschmeyer PF/C
    Johnson PG
    Claxton PG


    Logan & Zimmerman -cut ???

    Weakness: points from your backups

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    i dont think the warriors will cut logan. I saw him play in the summer league two years ago and he was very impressive. I think with arenas and welch gone he'll get some good minutes, as Johnson will be cut, or traded back to Dallas so he could continue his benchwarming/assistant coaching.
    I believe they will try and use pietrus as a Small Forward as Dunleavy has been very disappointed and Troy Murphy has already proved himself to be not more than a 6th man.

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    Tremendous trade by Dallas, who get a tough player who can score in Jamison.

    Dallas is a soft team, and what they need is toughness, defensively and offensively.

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    the warriors needed to dump cap but nick cost 11mil and he's leavin next yr and evan cost 5 mil a year and the others cost some money so it's even. i think it was a okay trade

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    *Sigh* The thing about this is that while the Warriors freed up cap space in the near future, nobody's going to want to play for this organization.

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    it's a shame what the Warriors did.

    Last year, esp. toward the end of the season, they looked like they had the makings of a play-off caliber team.

    Then, they made like the Clippers and let go of the stars

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