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    A little alphabet soup project completed!

    The final piece of a project arrived recently, which was this Joe Thornton Panini Genuine Marks:

    Went well with this alphabet soup of letters I had previously compiled:

    ....throw it all together and this is the result:

    Finally DONE!

    I'm quite proud of this accomplishment! As a team collector, I love collecting from all the different brands, and each brand that is now active is represented. Also as a team collector I don't focus on any ONE sharks player from any ONE time period. Thus, you have past Sharks like Mikka Kiprusoff and Jonathan Cheechoo, mainstays like Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau and Dan Boyle, up and comers like Joe Pavelski and Logan Couture, and even one game wonders like Mike Iggulden -- all represented! Also, not a duplicate player in the whole 11 letter name! Hope you enjoyed the show and comments are welcome.

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    That is Freakin' awesome, great job.

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    The variation of players makes this look pretty damn sweet.
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    nice job! I think that Marleau By the Letter was mine at one time

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    Very cool idea. Congrats on completing your custom nameplate.
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    That's really neat IMO, very nice idea. Congratulations on completing your project!


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    That's a really neat set. Congrats on completing it
    Collecting Joe Thornton

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    Looks great! Congrats! Awesome that it is all different players.
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