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    Does writing your ttm letters give you a better shot at a success then typing them?

    hello all! I just wanted to post this thread to ask whether you guys type or hand write your ttm letters for requests. The main reason i want to know is because i am wondering whether hand writing your requests will give you a better shot at a success. I have hand written my letters for awhile now as i believed it would give me a better shot at getting a sucess. When i first started i would only send 1 or 2 at a time but i am now sending out LOTS more then that making it harder and harder to hand write them. I may send 10 or 20 ttms at once which means 10 or 20 letters to write at one time. I also dont have the best hand writing. You can read it but definitely not the neatest ;) so typing would definitely be easier. If anyone could leave their opinion or share their experiences with what they do id very much appreciate it thanks!

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    All my TTM's are handwritten.I'm not sure if I get better success or not,but I think it looks more personal.JMO.Plus I can't type very well!I send between 15-30 a week,and it is hard on the hands!
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    All mine are typed.
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    Hand written. I dont do TTM often though. I'm a mostly IP guy.

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    Hand written, while I constantly think about how typing would be easier on the hands and would also allow me to send out a larger volume of TTM's, I believe hand written letters are more personal and shows the person that you put in a little more effort towards gaining their autograph. I pretty much go through a 1-2 booklets of stamps every week, so I average around 10-15 letters a week.

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    I send all mine typed and seem to get alot of returns. I think whats in the letter probably has as much to do with a success. I have recieved return letters from players in response to what i have written.
    Im just starting sending out to older (50-60's) players so ill see if i still get good success. I imagine players who have high success rates probably sign either way. I send 10 per week and am sitting at an 80% success rate since October from high rate guys. I still send to 1-2 low rate guys per week and tend to have little success with guys like Darryl Strawberry, Dave Stewart etc but i doubt it's because the letters are typed.

    Also my handwriting is atrocious. I hand wrote my ST requests and only recieved 2 of 20, go figure.

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    I typed most of mine, because my handwriting is terrible. I look at it this way, if the guy has opened the envelope, he probably already decided if he is going to sign it, whether it's handwritten or not. How many people would really open an envelope and think, "Typed? How impersonal, I'm throwing this in the trash"?
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    I don't think it really matters. I type all mine but I go through two rolls of stamps a week (on average).
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    I type all mine and have a success rate of over 70% so i dont think it matters.

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