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    1 Dec 12: Show and TellSchenn, Monster, Newfies, & Whale Speared! this time a 1/1!

    Time for another Show & Tell, seeing as I mentioned I would show my newest Speared Whale almost two weeks ago...

    But First

    With the three cards I display here, and the one on its way, I am now within 5 cards of finishing the 2010-2011 UD Retro Set, My World Juniors are complete, as are the Award Winners, and All Rookie Team. I need two Retro Young Guns in Korbianan Holzer and Luke Adam (Go Figure), and two Retro Retired Stars in Tony Esposito, and Steve Yzerman. The last card after that will be needed is the Crosby Auto /90 and I will have the set completed for all Base, YGs, SPs, both Missing Links, and the Autos.

    If you can help me out with finishing this set, send me a message.

    Now onto my PC Players:

    Weak Haul for Jonas Gustavsson this time as all I have this time around is a Black Border Rainbow from OPC

    For Newfies, I have a pretty weak haul all around, yet have a bigger week for Teddy Purcell than I am used to having.

    Colin Greening:

    Ryane Clowe:

    Dan Cleary:

    Michael Ryder:

    Which was nice this week because I managed to get an Auto I have been looking for, for quite a while, Thanks to adamslogik for this one as well as a couple of others in here.

    Luke Adam:

    Plus while this card is listed above in my Retro set, I am not showing the same card this is the double I needed for my Luke Adam PC...

    Teddy Purcell:

    2 Game Used...

    and 2 autos...

    But one of the Autos is a Mirror Emerald from 2011-2012 Certified #3/5

    Finally Luke Schenn:
    2012/13 OPC Black Bordered Rainbow /100

    2008/09 UD Rookie Playmakers /100

    2012/13 Prime Showcase Swatches /25

    2009/10 Trilogy Ice Scripts

    2012/13 Limited Team Trademarks 21/49

    2010/11 SPGU Authentic Fabrics Patch 04/35

    2009/10 SPGU Dual Authentic Fabrics Patches 15/25 Schenn 2 Clrs/Bogosian 4 Clrs

    The next one gets a shout out to gardzy99 as while it is not a big card, it is numbered #2/15
    2011/12 UD Game Patch Blue


    But with that out of the way it is time to finally get down to another speared whale, this one is with thanks to kennymo13 here on SCF, the deal went smooth and after many years it is now in my PC...

    2008/09 The Cup Luke Schenn/Nikolai Kulemin Dual Autographed (Game Used too) Shields

    Thanks for checking out the show and tell, comments are as always welcome, and appreciated...
    I collect Newfoundland & Labrador Players-Cleary-Ryder-Clowe-Purcell-Pardy-LaCosta-Pelletier-Adam-Greening-Bishop
    Collecting Luke Schenn, Jonas Gustavsson,
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    Great show, Mike! I was wondering if you were going to make a play for the Shield, and I'm glad it ended up in your hands. Better get what you want now before you have to start looking at Schenn in a Flyers jersey.

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    Hey Mike! I picked up a nice Luke Schenn Maple Leafs card for you in a trade! Next time there's a trade day, or if we happen to jump into Wayne's at the same time, I will have it there for you!
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