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    Puzzling Lynn Swann Sticker Auto............maybe it's just me

    We all know the difference between a sticker auto and a "on card" auto. I thought they signed a sheet of sticker autos and the card compnay applied them to the cards. Then why does Swann's signature on this card go PAST the applied sticker? Pretty stupid to have a blank sticker on the card and then sign it....just sign the card. Any answers?
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    That is kind of weird.
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    I have a mcgahee like that
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    lol never seen that before.
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    Yep I have seen this before on other cards, no idea why they do it though

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    they may have made up the cards and had a rep get them signed at an event or in person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unitasfan View Post
    they may have made up the cards and had a rep get them signed at an event or in person.
    Then a BLANK sticker was put on the card and THEN he signed it ? That makes no sense.

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    maybe for design consistency? it wouldve looked really funny to have a bunch of players with the sticker then a few players without.
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