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    Lookin for the following players ANYTHING

    Jason Pridie
    Dave Gassner
    Ron Gardenhire
    Nick Punto
    Willie Eyre
    JD Durbin
    Terry Tiffee
    Rob Bowen
    Jason Bartlett

    IF YOU have ANYTHING send me a pm!

    Lookin mostly for base items but i will consider everything

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    come on nobody has anything are ukidding me? someon has to have some of this stuff sitting in commons boxes

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    I have this:
    Terry Tiffee 03 Topps Traded

    I should also have a lot of 01 and now Twins. Looking for stuff in my signature.----walter

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    i got a 50 card lot of Mattingly i could put togethor for you for a twins lot!!!

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    Not much but have this: J.D. Durbin 2003 Bowman Draft 128

    Looking for stuff in my sig, lmk thanks.

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