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Thread: Blaster of 2012 Chrome!

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    Blaster of 2012 Chrome!

    I think I should have stopped after one box, but here's what it got me.

    Devier Posey 1 catch for -3 yards this year and a Buckeye to top it off!

    Hakeem Nicks

    RC Robert Turbin
    Cam newton
    Janoris Jenkins DROY!

    RC Brandon Taylor

    Reprint rookie:
    Joe Namath

    Lamichael James

    84' Style:
    Lamar Miller

    Keshawn Martin
    Ryan Tannehill
    Nick Toon
    Melvin Ingram
    Nick Foles
    Bruce Irvin
    Justin Blackmon
    Eric Legrand good for him!
    Derek Wolfe Broncos!
    and the final rookie..
    Drafted by...
    THE COLTS...
    Plays QB...
    Chandler Harnish! haha last man picked in the draft!

    Patrick Willis All Pro
    Gronk All Pro
    Dwayne Bowe
    Troy Polamalu All Pro
    Marshawn Lynch
    Matt Hasslebeck
    Joe Flacco

    Hopefully the next blaster has some Russell Wilson for me!

    All Expect Wolfe and Toon FT.

    my trade thread:!

    Thanks for the look.

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    Hey Buddy!! If Ya Would Do A PWE Trade I Could Use This Card.

    Hakeem Nicks

    Have These Card's If Ya Could Use Any Or All. If Ya Need Any Just Pick Out What Ya Need & Post Us Up A Trade My Friend.

    '12 Prestige "Xtra Points" (Blue) Ser#272/999 #251 Ronnie Hillman RC

    '12 Score "Hot Rookies" #29 Ronnie Hillman

    '12 Prestige "Prestigous Picks" #29 Ronnie Hillman

    Thanks, John

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    trains thanks for the response. I do not need any of those hillmans. Have you broke any chrome? If so do you have a list? thanks!

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    Hey Buddy!! I've Broke Some Chrome But Don't Have Any Lists Made Up. LMK What Ya May Be Looking For.

    Thanks, John

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