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    Russell Wilson /5 Topps Strata Die Cut Auto

    Hey everybody!

    I pulled a Russell Wilson Autographed Rookie Die Cut serial numbered out of 5 from Topps Strata today. The card has a nick on the edge towards the top center. It is not all that noticeable on the front of the card, but the edge on the back of the card is a little curled in that particular spot.

    I normally am not in the market to sell cards I pull, but am flirting with the idea of selling this card, as I had a friend sell a Russell Wilson auto /25 from Topps Finest for almost $400 at the beginning of the NFL season.

    That being said, what kind of money do you guys think I could get for this card on eBay? I am not real sure about how much the minor damage will affect the selling price. That may influence my decision on whether I want to pursue selling this, trading it, or adding it to my personal collection.

    Also, I am willing to entertain offers on here, but will need to refresh myself on transaction rules on here as it has been quite some time since I have been on here.

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    Damn, damage on such a killer card is huge. You keep the packs and try and talk with Topps?

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    I haven't talked to Topps yet. I had an instance before where I pulled a 1/1 mini wood card out a rip card from Allen & Ginter baseball a few years ago and Topps forgot to put 1/1 of on the back. I emailed them at first just to figure out what I had, as I wasn't sure if it was a 1/1. When they told me that was an error on their part, they would not do anything about it. I might go ahead and put a support ticket in with them, but I am under the assumption they will just say sorry and move on. It couldn't hurt to try though.

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    I would list it on ebay. You would probably pull a premium as no others have been listed or sold. And he is hot right now. Sweet card Congrats on the hit

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    I ended up emailing Topps today to see if there is anything they can do to replace it for me. I'm not holding my breath, but we'll see.

    I see somebody on eBay has an RG3 like my Wilson for $4750 Buy It Now or Best offer, which I'm assuming will have to come down significantly to actually sell, but I could be wrong. I'm thinking about putting my Wilson on eBay BIN $1200 or Best Offer. I do realize it likely will not sell for that amount, as it seems like Wilson's autos are all over the place when it comes to selling price, but I can at least see what people would be willing to pay I guess. If the offers don't excite me all that much, then it's not the end of the world if I end up trading it or putting it in my personal collection.

    I am going to wait and see how Topps responds before taking any action at this point though.

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    I basically got the expected canned message from topps to send the card in with box upc, pack wrappers, etc without any acknowledgement if they could actually do anything or not. I'm not comfortable sending that in on blind faith. I'll try my luck on eBay instead.

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