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    Who makes the cards that are stamped "Diamond edition 1 of 1"?

    I've never really seen one, but just noticed one on e-Bay. doing a quick search shows this stamp on cards from all sports and from as far back as 1977 until now. Obviously the manufacturers didn't get together and secretly try to create unique items after the fact, so someone has a stamping machine and is cranking these out. Anyone could do this, so of course these cards are worthless except as a curiousity to the player collector. I'm just wondering if anyone knew where these were coming from and who was responsible? They don't seem to be announcing themselves online.

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    Some guy just makes them. Most of gotten a hold of a printer to do so. Somebody was selling Special Olympics versions a few years back as well. Don't know if it was the same guy or somebody just imitating them. Don't really know why any collector would want them though since they really aren't a 1 of 1 and there are so many LEGIT cards to chase after that I can't imagine wasting time going after homemade ones.
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