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Thread: 1 pack Precision. Crazy Hit..

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    1 pack Precision. Crazy Hit..

    I won a drawing last night at the card shop for 100$ in random packs. The precision was the best of the bunch so I saved it for last. Not the biggest fan of this product but I am now!! Will possibly move it for a Luck or RG3.

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    Tough to say value wise. Few hundred maybe

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    Too bad Ponder had to be on that thing, ouch. Love the look of that card, though.

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    It's funny tho I've had people say too bad Gabbert is on there, Man sucks Cam is on there. Now Ponder lol. Last year it would've been Man wish Kaepernick wasn't on there lol. One of those cards where ya just never know really

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    And yes I really had someone tell me they'd want it if Cam wasn't on there. Was told it brought the value down. Yes he has def dropped but this is still a valuable card lol

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