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Thread: Autos FT

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    Autos FT

    Leshoure is 25/25-his jsy #, Ryan/Flacco is a quad w/ McFadden/Stewart on back.

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    sorry, didnt see anything

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    FYI, Im not going to trade nice autos for base rookies and refractors. Please dont link me too buckets with nothing of value in them. Thanks.

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    like the spiller nt

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    please cmb for your kendall wright, locker, and chris johnson. Thank you for your time
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    Collecting high end trade bait for now along with superstar Stanford alumni autos and nebraska autos, and Dallas cowboys cards
    101st Abrn-Ft. Campbell, KY!! I trade by sv only

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    what you want for that brock plate? my bucket is updated but some did get traded recently...i also have tons of rookies all years
    Hidden Content my bucket.................
    MY WANTS: 2017 contenders keelan cole auto
    2015 prizm camos-non auto
    college patches-college uni
    rookie QB inscriptions and patches-college uni

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    like the Rice emerald and harvin exq

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