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    Exclamation can anyone tell me if they noticed how hard it is to find completed sales on ebay?

    It used to be so simple to make a search on ebay, then check the completed sales on that item by checking the completed sales box on the left, now that option seems to have disappeared? has anyone else noticed this as well? and is there an easy way to get this option back? I am trying to sell some unwanted items on ebay to help raise some funds for Xmas and 2 more Bdays in December... but cant seem to find what some of the items are going for...ANY AND ALL INFO APPRECIATED!!!

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    Yes it is a pain now. But it appears to be changing a back and forth every day. Sometimes the sold listings are up top by the search bar, and sometimes you have to click on the choose more for the show only option on the top left of the screen, then a box pops up and you can scroll down and check completed listings then GO and it will come up with the recent sales. I have also noticed sometimes it will not show the current day or 1 day before sales. Not sure what they have going on, but it is constantly changing and is more and more frustrating every day. Hope this helps!
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    ok that does help, it was much easier when you could just check the completed box and then toggle back and forth from complete to active listings, but at least you have confirmed that it has changed and I am (1) not as dumb as I try not to be and (2) they are making changes...some of the items I am selling arent cards, so its been harder for me to figure out what way to go on specialty tools and clothing and stuff like that, but thanks a lot for your imput bro!!!

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    No problem. I have no clue what they are thinking, but they have been screwing the whole site up for a few weeks or longer now.
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