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    How do you acquire Panini Black Friday Packs?

    I'm trying to figure this out... besides buying them from sellers on eBay

    How do you acquire them, buy select Panini products they want to get rid of?

    But does that mean if you buy 1 box, you get 1 pack... or how does that work?

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    was only a black friday promo, but yes, specific boxes gave a # of packs. prominence was like 6 and rookies and stars was like 8 packs.

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    You could get them either at card stores or online from Panini for certian products. I believe that the website is done selling them, but some card stores may still have them. I know the one I went to had over 700 packs and last week he still had some.

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    You had to buy $x amount of product to get 1 pack. My local store had them at $20 of Panini product for 1 pack. So, you had to spend $20 to get a mediocre product to get a one pack chance at a mediocre product.

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    My LCS was actually giving a pack of Black friday and a pack of fathers day for any panini box you bought.

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    PM me if you're still interested. I can't remember the rules on posting about sellers, but the last email I got from the shop I got mine at said he still had packs and would mail them out if you bought certain boxes from them.

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