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    Topps Chrome and Total 3 Box Break 1/1 NICE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ive been waiting for this to come out forever. I think its kinda weird that they put in the NBDL Rookies but its still good. But i think its cool that the regular refractors are numbered to 999 now.

    BOX 1:

    NBA Rookies:
    Robert Whaley
    Arvydas Macijauskas
    Linas Kleiza
    Raymond Felton
    Jarrett Jack
    David Lee
    Esteban Batista
    Sarunas Jasikevicius
    Rashad McCants
    Jason Maxiell
    Martell Webster
    Nate Robinson
    Orien Greene
    Bracey Wright
    Martynas Andriuskevicius
    Channinhg Frye
    Luther Head
    Louis Williams
    Monta Ellis

    Celebrity Rookies:
    Christine Brinkley

    NBDL Rooks:
    Dwyane Jones
    Tony Bland
    Tyrone Sally
    Clay Tucker
    Andreas Glyniadakis
    Kareem Reid
    Brandon Robinson
    Desmon Farmer
    Marcus Hill
    Robb Dryden
    James Lang
    Kevin Owens
    Mike King
    Anthony Fuqua
    Ricky Shields
    John Lucas
    Butter Johnson
    E.J. Rowland
    Anthony Grundy
    Brian Jackson
    Jonathan Moore

    Brent Barry 295/999
    Dwight Howard 703/999
    Chucky Atkins 993/999
    Jose Calderon RC 935/999
    Ezra Williams NBDL RC 372/999<<ON EBAY
    Bernard King NBDL RC 343/999

    Black Refractors:
    Keith Van Horn 63/399
    Eddie Jones 390/399

    Gold Refractor:
    Jameer Nelson 13/99 (1 away from his jersey # !!!!)

    Game Used:
    Ben Gordon Second Unit Shooting Shirt 120/400!!!

    I saved the uncirculated for last:

    Surprised to see the name "Andrew" on the back when i opened it.
    Andrew Bogut Blue X-Fractor #'d 19/90!!!

    BOX 2:

    NBA Rookies:

    Chris Paul!!! <<ON EBAY
    Ike Diogu
    Wayne Simien
    James Singleton
    Antoine Wright
    Sarunas Jasikevicius<< ON EBAY
    C.J. Miles
    Johan Petro
    Fabrico Oberto
    Travis Diener
    Salim Stoudamire
    Charlie Villanueva
    Lawrence Roberts
    Luther Head
    Yaroslav Korolev

    Celebrity Rookie:

    Shannon Elizabeth

    NBDL Rookies:

    Dwyane Jones
    Tony Bland
    Tyrone Sally
    Kareem Reed
    Andreas Glyniadakis
    Brandon Robinson
    Desmon Farmer
    Marcus Hill
    Robb Dryden
    James Lang
    Jeff Hagen
    Anthony Fuqua
    Ricky Shields
    John Lucas
    Butter Johnson
    Roderick Riley
    E.J. Rowland
    Anthony Grundy
    Brian Jackson
    Jonathan Moore
    (only 2 of those were different than the other box , thats kinda dumb)


    Antawn Jamison 730/999
    Mike Bibby 335/999
    Damon Jones 911/999
    Eddy Curry 970/999
    George Leach NBDL RC 759/999
    Malik Moore NBDL RC 380/999

    Black Refractors:

    Rasheed Wallace 2/399
    Kwame Brown 151/399
    Darnell Miller NBDL RC 372/399

    Gold Refractor:

    Johan Petro RC 38/99

    Blue X-Fractor:

    Zydrunas Ilgauskas 20/90

    And for the Good Stuff:

    Game Used:

    I saw that the pack had the GU in it so i turned the cards around to find the Number and i noticed it said Refractor under the card # so i got excited that i had pulled a refractor gu prob really low numbered. It is numbered to 99 which is more than i thought but that didnt matter when i saw who it was:

    Kevin Garnett Premium Performance Refractor Jersey Card #'d 87/99!!!

    Also pulled something i never thought i would pull out of Chrome, an Auto!!!

    on the back it said 91/112 to i thought it was a refractor too but it wasnt. I turned it around to see that it was a nicely centered clean autograph of:

    Danny Granger Chromographs #'d 91/112!!!

    Topps Total:

    WAYYY TO MANY TO LIST. If interested lmk who u want

    Total Performance:
    Total Surprise:
    Total Competition:
    Total Transfer:
    Joe Johnson

    Saw another Gold bordered card in there:
    Brandon Bass Gold Border Rookie #'d 6/10 (same # as the Carmelo i pulled)

    and as for the 1/1:
    Cliff Robinson Black

    not too bad on the Numbered, at least theyre not the stupid mascots or asst coaches.

    Ive been killing the odds on the Total boxes. The golds are 1:57 and the Plates are 1:71, and i got 2 of each out of 2 boxes.

    I think i have had some nice breaks today with my boxes of Topps. Total spent on the boxes is about $130. So i dont think i did too bad. Most are FT.
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  2. Kronozio
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    u got en sean may and can u get a couple pics up of the gu and auto

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    hey i need the channing frye, and if you have a marvin williams please lmk i have some marbury game use lmk thanks

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    I need the Webster Chrome. Sorry I didnt get back to you about the Wrights/Webster Topps Total, I decided not to collect Wright and I got the Webster. PLMK about the Chrome

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    I really want the Granger auto.......can work something out, would do cash/card if necessary. also like the Bass Rc /10......and any Granger or Bass RC's you got.....lmk dude. Really want that auto though man

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    golfermatt- Which Sean May? Total?, i dont see anything on ur site.

    vikingfan- dont see anything

    kg21- wheres ur tradelist? u interested in Frye and Marvin in Topps Total too, i got frye reg rook and silver rook and Marvin rook

    xavier-i dont see anything i need for the Martell

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    oz- i need your Amare/Marion dual auto bv $40. but would prefer cash for both. if interested in buying pm me ur offer

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    I dont make offers. If your selling, pm me a price. If you wanted to do something for the dual Isd be willing. It sells very well

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