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    have we seen the last of these two QB's ?

    Is this it with their present teams? Sanchez, and Vick

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    No they will pop up someplace. Sanchez maybe as a backup w/ a chance to start but cant say the jets give on him all together quite yet.

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    What the heck happened to Sanchez? I know he was never "great", but he had promise. His interceptions are killing him. His first 4 years, TD to INT stats:


    Sunday, 3 INT's and a QB rating of 4.4 - HOLY CRAP!!!

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    Sanchez will start the rest of this year and be in the mix to start next year. Rex Ryan is too egotistical to admit that the screwed the pooch on the decision to draft Sanchez and then insist on keeping him the starter regardless of his obvious lack of leadership and issues with accuracy and decision-making. They won't draft high enough to get an impact QB and no veteran worth signing will want to go to New York and have to deal with the drama over whether he, Sanchez or Tebow will be the starter. So Sanchez will be in the mix until Ryan is fired or it becomes impossible for Ryan to avoid benching him.

    Vick is like a rare antique car that is rusted out and doesn't run. To most he is obviously not worth the effort, but there is always that one guy who thinks that he can make it work. If Reid is fired (and he most definitely will be) then Vick will most likely be let go too and someone (Chiefs? Jags?) will sign him in hopes that a new scene and new offense will revive him and give them 2 or 3 winning seasons.

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    They are both playing terrible, so I hope so. Give the young bucks (Foles and McIlroy) the chance to turn it around.

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    Well Vick is done for the year. Sounds like Foles is starting for the rest of the season which makes sense to me. With Reid most likely out, I can't imagine seeing Vick back from the amount of money he is set to make. And whatever coach they bring in, they will want their future franchise guy.

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    Don't know about Vick but I think Sanchez has $13m guaranteed or something like that next year so he won't be going anywhere. No team will take him at the price and highly unlikely you cut the guy at the price. It's Sanchize for atleast 1 more year.

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