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    WTTF/WTB: 2012 Topps Chrome PURPLE Refractors

    Looking for these:

    147 Doug Martin Buccaneers

    219/220 = 99%

    Would trade for or buy depending on price. Would also trade Gu & auto towards these. Have a ton of Chrome to trade also. PWE trades are welcomed too. Let me know what you have and what you need. Thank you

    My Chrome can be found here:
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    i have darren sproles purple.....ray lewis purple.....and vick purple..u got a chrome list?

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    I have these three,make me an offer:

    48 Jonathan Martin Dolphins
    49 Cyrus Gray Chiefs RC
    55 Blaine Gabbert Jaguars

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    have these 2 do you have a chrome tradelist?

    19 Marques Colston Saints
    80 Patrick Willis 49ers

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    I have stephen Jackson #87
    Love to try and get one of your Luck's or something in my sig
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    Hi, I got 169 Vick Ballard Colts RC (2 actually, if it matters to you the SNs are 012/499 and 411/499), I liked the RGIII talboy, but if that is too much I can also use the Purple Jon Baldwin 154/499
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    pulled a couple more tonight....zach brown was one i know of..its on ur list....ill let u know about the others i pulled

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