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    4 Packs of 11/12 Upper Deck Series 1

    Nothing wrong with a case hit in 4 packs, I'm quite surprised by the sale value of these cards, much higher then expected.

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    Stupid clear cut nonsense!LOL Yeah man I've been shocked at the selling prices of those too. I collect Skinner and it's hard to think an acetate die cut sells for $3 less than a Program of Excellence Team Canada auto Skinner /10 from the cup! Yup I paid $71 for the POE auto and the next week watched the Skinner/Staal Foundations die cut sell for $68! Makes no sense to me but who am I right?LOL Congrats on the nice hit dude! You should get something nice in return for that hit, Brad.

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    Just sold for $85 on EBay, pleasantly surprised. I'll be able to pick up a sweet Scheifele with that!

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