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    Well I bought it for $16 just rounded up lol... Like i said I'm a big Kobe fan and just got back into collecting (collected when i was around 14) so i was just eager to get some type of Kobe jersey card. If anyone here has any Kobe cards at decent prices let me know. Thanks to everyone who replied.

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    If you want to get an auto, this one is an On-Card Auto Serial numbered 1/49 and was an exchange, so I don't know exactly how many of them will actually be out there, but definitely no more than 49. If you're interested send me a message and we can talk pricing, it will be more than $20 though.
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    I collect Darren Sproles, Daniel Thomas, T. Newman, other KStaters, Eric Hosmer and KC Royals, KC Chiefs and Jimmy Graham. Please PM with any questions.

    Thanks, James

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