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    7 spots filled.....38 more! come on does anyone on the forum want the chance at a sick RG3 or Andrew Luck? Limited always has veteran/hofer autos too. let's get this thing filled asap! product is set to release by the end of the year.

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    Why won't anyone join this break? Rybowski has hosted numerous breaks and they always run smoothly. Limited is gonna be nice.....let's get some spots filled this weekend SCF!

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    Quote Originally Posted by echunks View Post
    11 and 33 please.
    Will get you down, thanks for joining!

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    why can't we get any spots filled on this group break? plenty of nice cards in this years limited release.......let's get this thing filled before next weekend........this stuff comes out the day after x-mas!

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    8 days since ryan put this group break and all we can get is 7 spots filled......come on fellow collectors....let's fill this baby up b/c it comes out the day after x-mas. thanks jeff

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    Back up, product is delayed till mid january.

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    January 16th is the release date, plenty of spots left.

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    It seems there are so many group breaks on here where the product gets delayed from panini that the other breaks are moving forward i would expect that this limited football group break should start filling up by the beginning of the new year. With the new year better football products come out so let's get this break filled guys and gals of the looks nice....chances to get RG3, Luck, Russell Wilson, Trent Richardson, hofers and super star autos in a case of limited.....whose with me on this years limited football break?

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