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    Come on SCF......why won't anyone get in this break? Limited looks'll be released in mid january so we have time to get this filled........and draft! who wouldn't want an Andrew Luck or RG3 auto........let's fill it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DUCKanay View Post
    Can someone without feedback join?
    I don't see why not....joining a case break is a good way to get positive feedback.....if u enjoy the process then come on back to more group breaks with rybowski! u can get up to 5 spots in this break.....Limited looks nice this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shiker78 View Post
    I'll take Spots 7 and 13! Thanks
    Will get you down, thanks for joining!

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    I am going to close this break as it doesn't look like it is going to fill. Thanks to those who had interest, and sorry that we couldn't get it filled.

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