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Thread: Bad Trader List

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    I don't think member would go that far to look at the number of member banned from a state. Also the good thing is they are not members any more and the good one are the one left on the site
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    Job well done! Nice to see a site that cares about letting people know who to watch out for.

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    great list
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    I feel someone like newguy24 or anyone like him should be on this list. I see nowhere that it's a banned trader's list, it's a Bad Trader List. I would want to know if someone has two real names and five user names. With that said all as I would need to see is 6 negatives in 33 feedbacks to know that this is someone I would not want to deal with.


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    Bryan1121982 screwed me over HobbyInsider. I bought these cards from him but he never sent and never answered to Paypal dispute. He is also a member here.

    Derrick Brassard OPC Premier Quad Rookie Patch Autograph /15 Sell For $15
    Miikka Kiprusoff Upper Deck Artifacts Jersey & Patch /15 Sell For $10
    Nikolai Kulemin Upper Deck Young Guns Press Plate 1of1 True 1/1 Sell For $23

    I contacted him here since he was kicked out from HI and he said he is not a member there. What a scumbag.

    Watch out.
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