The own goal is a rarity in hockey, but it's really not all that rare. "You're not a hockey player until you've scored on yourself," someone once told me (although they might have just been trying to stop me from crying in the net). It happens.

Of course, the fact that it happens does little to console anyone the moment it happens to them. There are few moments in hockey more disheartening than when you not only cost your team a goal, you score it.

It's even worse now, too. In the days of yore, own goals were a momentary embarrassment at best. Sure, you put the puck into your own goal, but the scoresheet said it was that other guy, and since only a small percentage of hockey fans actually saw it up close, few could even have known that the next day's scoresheet wasn't entirely accurate. But now, there's super-close, high-definition, instant replay and YouTube -- not only will your hilarious gaffe live on forever, but the best possible view of it will. Same for the face you make.

Unsurprisingly, there are hundreds of own goals on Youtube these days, most of which have been uploaded in the last five years or so. There are enough now that we can go beyond simply watching them over and over -- we can rank them.

This week, we'll be counting down 50 of our favourites. Today: fifty through forty-one.

50 | Morris Traschler, Team Switzerland