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    Canadian youth hockey player, 11, suspended for making threats, racist comments

    Kids say the darnedest anti-Semitic, racist things. We take you now to St. Albert, Alberta ó just outside of Edmonton. Itís a place where kids can do kid things, like play hockey and hurl racist insults at their teammates. Um, what? Allegedly thatís what happened on a St. Albert Minor Hockey Association team, after multiple reports of an 11-year-old player making racist comments and phyaical threats toward teammates. Yep, 11.

    During a team outing, allegedly, the teamís goalie made anti-Semitic remarks to a teammate. The mother of the targeted player told the St. Albert Gazette:
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    Actions are backed up by words, I wish more of us backed them up!!!
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    some people need to hit their kids
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    Alberta. Am is surprised? The Canadian version of Idaho. The border towns of Eastern Alberta from 20 miles inside the Sask Border to 100 miles inside Alberta are some of the most racist areas I've ever been to.

    Anyone from the Asian Subcontinent they call a Paki, and they use the "N" word as part of their daily vocabulary.

    Uneducated hillbillies.
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