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    WWE Heritage 2012 1/1 Blank Backs Held By Topps

    I don't know how many people seen these..the only thing i don't get is why didn't topps put these in packs it would of been nice to pull these instead of pretty much having to buy them from topps directly

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    They have sold these many times in the past. i was just surprised at how fast they pulled them out of the vault to sell them so quickly. i do think it is bogus they heritage is missing a ton of inserts that were supposed to be in packs. i havent seen one printing plate, not one parallel of any relic set, no lawler actual sketches yet.
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    thats true bout half the stuff missing but also there really isnt much of this stuff being broke open

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    I agree and disagree about busting this stuff. The autos are doing very well and compared to who.was in regular 2012 wwe there is no comparison.

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    retail autos seem to be doing really well in this set--like the overall set design
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    So I picked up 2 of the three cards I wanted from them A.J. Lee and Zack Ryder. Only missed out on the John Cena which went for more then $125.00 I thought I could win it for.
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    congrats on the aj n ryder iwas watching both of those

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    Quote Originally Posted by snf_sportscollect View Post
    congrats on the aj n ryder iwas watching both of those
    Thanks, I am watching a few more but don't know if I will place some bids to win them.
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    Just received both of my cards in the mail today. Did anyone else purchase a card from Topps Vault?
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