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Thread: What about these Graded Cards?

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    What about these Graded Cards?

    Hey, what about the 2000 Gold Collectibles Feel the Game 23Kt with a piece of GU, do they have a BV?
    What about the Tristar graded by BCCG that grade a regular cheap card and add a piece of GU in the Holder? any BV for these? I can't find anything.

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    Wrt the BCCG graded cheap cards with the GU in the holder. I pulled some of these from the Tri-Star packs.
    - Barry Bonds bat chip
    - Sammy Sosa bat chip
    - Emmitt Smith jersey clip
    I haven't seen any mags listing any added value due to the GU.
    I suggest doing pricing research via eBay. Which is really the best way to get a true current retail value.
    Great question!!!

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