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    Going to Vegas for my Bday need some Spending money

    Like the title says I am getting spoiled by my gf and am going to Vegas for my bday. The thing is I could really use some money for all the fun I will have there. If you like something in my bucket just shoot me a pm or post here and I will get back to you with a fair price. More you buy the better deal I can cut you. Help me have some fun for my bday.


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    I'll take a price on the Thomas Auto Patch?

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    Price on the Ponder RS auto GU?

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    Last one #ed to 25 sold for 32 I would do 27 dlvd


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    So this one is #'d to 25?

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    When is your trip bro? I will check your bucket when I get on pc later.

    We made a few deals last year, I will see if I can help you out :)

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