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    Broke 2 more boces of 2011/12 ITG Enforcers

    Nothing crazy today, added some new cards for my set but also ended up with some extras.

    2011/12 ITG ENFORCERS (2) Box Break Dec 4, 2012

    BOX 1

    14 TOUGH FRANCHISE ISLANDERS Nystrom/Gillies/Pilon/Konopka
    33 TALE OF THE TAPE Horner vs Shore
    36 TALE OF THE TAPE Watson vs Hadfield
    68 BLOODY BATTLES King vs Odelein
    86 BLOODY BATTLES Semenko vs Playfair

    A-BW Bryan Watson
    A-MM Marty McSorley
    A-DBR Dave Brown
    A-TR Terry Ruskowski
    A-JMC Jim McKenzie

    COMBATANTS C-21 Grimson vs Cummins
    INSTIGATOR I-18 Tie Domi

    BOX 2

    11 TOUGH FRANCHISE EDMONTON Semenko/McSorley/Buchberger/Laraque
    24 RECORD HOLDERS Steve Payne
    44 TALE OF THE TAPE Schultz vs Gillies
    67 BLOODY BATTLES Grimson vs Barnaby
    78 BLOODY BATTLES Mirasty vs Hand

    A-JMCI Jack McIlhargey
    A-AP Andrew Peters
    A-KK Kris King
    A-NF Nick Fotiu
    A-GL Georges Laraque

    COMBATANTS C-24 Gillies vs Schultz
    INSTIGATOR I-11 Zdeno Chara

    My set NEEDS are listed under my blog section here if you want to check that out, and I now have these cards available for trade:

    41 ENFORCERS TALE OF THE TAPE Brashear vs Ray
    66 BLOODY BATTLES Gillies vs Brookbank
    75 BLOODY BATTLES McCarthy vs Probert
    86 BLOODY BATTLES Semenko vs Playfair

    C-21 COMBATANTS Grimson vs Cummins
    I-11 INSTIGATOR Zdeno Chara

    A-JMC Jim McKenzie
    A-GL George Laraque

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