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    This is not quite even, I'd still owe you about 5 bucks in BV from what I can see, BUT, those two cards for the Robert Turbin Sig/Relic (same BV as the Harrison Smith die cut) and the tannehill trip relic (worth 4-5 bucks more than the Jarius Wright.
    Ya I wouldnt be intersted in trading auto and gu cards for non autoand gu cards soory man

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    Ya it would depend on what you would want for it

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    would u do the calvin johnson rookie refractor for the pair?

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    nevermind..its 08.....would u do the rodgers 05 bowman and rainey auto patch?

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    Have 2 Greg Childs Gu in my bucket ones a refractor ones not. Also a Jarius Wright Gu and Matt Khalil Auto. Thanks lmk

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    LMK if interested in this:

    2012 Absolute Rookie Auto Harrison Smith /299
    2012 Momentum Rookie Auto Matt Kalil /399
    2012 Topps Prime Dual GU Jarius Wright 9/10
    2012 Topps Prime RC Auto GU Juron Criner /700
    2011 Certified SOMB Duak Prime Green/Dalton /25

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