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    Its that time of year again. Happy holidays SCF members

    Well its that time of year again were we decorate our homes, spend time with family and friends and enjoy the festive season. So here are a few pictures of my tree I put up in my Johnny Bower / Toronto Maple Leafs hockey room.

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    Ho Ho Hoooo!!! That's fantastic!! Amy would KILL me if I tried that with our tree, she did let me hang one Canadiens and one Canucks bulb tho.

    I hope Santa's good to you this year sir :)
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    WOO HOO!LOL That's cool dude! Merry Christmas and have a Happy and Safe New Year!

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    That is very cool!
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    Wow sick :) have a safe and happy holidays

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    Thanks. My wife (Sam) and I wish everone a very Merry Christmas / Holiday season and a prosperous New Year.
    Happy trading and collecting in 2013

    Oh and that is not our main tree in our living room thats in the one room I own in my house that Ihave made in a shrine.

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