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    I Got Scammed on eBay! Fake Autos

    Oh yeah..... Picked up two Brady cards off eBay..
    Went to JSA paid about $90 for them to get checked and both failed.
    Just saw a google video of fake Brady dealers and this guy was one of them..
    He has 3000+ feedback and about 99% positive.. How does this happen? Super Shady

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    Do you have links to the auctions where you won them?

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    Not gonna lie to you my friend, those look like they were signed by Tim Brady.

    Unfortunately, you bought uncertified autographs of a guy whose autograph is VERY easy to fake. You would have been better served to have saved your money, pooled all of it together, and bought a lower-end certified Brady autograph.
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    That's why I never buy an auto card that isn't certified on eBay, they tend to be fake! Tough loss, I'm sorry.

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    over 90 days had to wait for JSA, at first I thought so as well and took it to another place and who new brady's signature like the back of their hand every variation and laugh and pointed out all the flaws.

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    Why not do the quick opinion option which is only like $5....they would have told you fake right away

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    Decided to find a possible scammer, and it didn't take too long, check this listing out: Link to eBay listing

    What is sad is look at this one where he actually sold a Tom Brady auto with COA provided, if you look at the pic of the COA it looks like something he printed himself (which he probably did!) Link

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    I'm not sure of his location: I messaged him, So I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt before I smash his name.. He's in the video I link though.

    I'm out $45.56 for the cards $92.00 for JSA

    $137.56 in total

    I'm going to see what buddy has to say and how he's going to make it right.

    Worse comes to worse, I'm a Teamsters member and we get lawyers for no charge.. I consulted about it this afternoon.
    So I won't have to worry about legal fees as they will be taken care of my the union and all I do is sit back and relax.

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    Tough break. Precisely why I don't buy on card autos unless they are certified. Hope you get it made right.

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