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    Anyone know of any eBay rules about taking another seller's item info??

    I sold 2 Michael Egnew cards to a guy in Canada. While looking through eBay tonight I come across the same 2 cards in another auction.

    Not only is he using the picture from my auction, he is using the title and even my entire item description in his auction. I must say I have never seen this before.
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    Technically, those are the cards he bought, so the picture is accurate. The description has omitted a couple points that you had in yours. Just someone trying to flip the cards. I don't see much that can be done about it.
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    What I find interesting is that I just mailed the 2 Egnew cards to him on Friday, the 30th and being in Canada, there is no way he has the cards in hand already.
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    "If it doesn't say # 1/1 on the card, then it's not a 1/1"

    "A card #'ed 1/xx doesn't mean it's the 1st one made, just the 1st one #'ed."

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    I see this kind of thing all the time on the forums. Some people try to trade/sell cards before they have them in their possession and this could leads to all sorts of drama. Why they don't actually wait until they have the cards is beyond me, but I am not one to explain what goes on in the minds of some people. On top of that he was also too lazy to write his own description of the cards he hasn't gotten yet. I would personally block contact with this fellow and put him on my do not deal with list. Too many bad traits going on here.

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    Is it a picture or is it a scan. If it is in fact a picture from your listing report them to ebay. They SHOULD remove the listing. It's your picture and you own the copyright to it and no one can use it without your permission. I don't know if the same law applies to a scan.

    While selling the cards before you have them may not be such a wise thing to do you probably can't do much about that. Thought that eBay had a rule against selling things not in your possession unless you state the fact in your listing but I'm not sure. Besides, by the time they get around to looking into it he most likely will have them. I suppose if you wanted to be a richard you could provide dates of listing and DC and such to show he doesn't have the cards but what good would it do.

    Using your picture on the other hand is a no no and if you report it they should remove it. Of course we all know and they will be able to tell that it is the same picture but they may still do nothing about it.

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