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    Three reasons why owner-player meeting will fail

    Almost nobody in the hockey world is attaching even cautious optimism to the Tuesday owners-players-only meeting, which is probably wise. That’s because there are too many aspects to this that work against it merely being an exercise in futility.

    If a concept or sense of conciliation comes out of the meeting that germinates into something bigger and leads to a collective bargaining agreement that saves the season, we’ll have commissioner Gary Bettman and NHL Players’ Association executive director Don Fehr to thank for putting their egos aside and allowing it to happen. But this whole scheme reeks of nothing more than a Hail Mary pass – a stroke of genius with huge rewards if it works, but one that results in failure on the vast majority of attempts.

    Here are three reasons why your correspondent thinks the meeting is doomed:

    1. The presence of Jeremy Jacobs and Murray Edwards on the ownership side.
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    Like I said in my lagavulin post, I believe all is already written. The lock-out will come to an end after this show-off of a negociation, in witch both Bettman and Fehr don't necessary want to cash up on the work they've accomplised to came to a accord.

    I may be totally wrong also.
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