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Thread: Help my buy my white whale!!!

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    Help my buy my white whale!!!

    A card i've been dying to own since i started collecting Galiardi has surfaced for the first time and i dont want it to get away!!! Below are some of my best cards for sale, the card is not a lot of $$ so if i can make a few decent sales im golden. Hoepfully you like something below or in my bucket and you can help me fund my white whale!



    Bottom corner not 100% /10






    Getzlaf RC



    Jsy autos and patches folder:


    Pc for sale:
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    Any more help out there? Everything is available in my bucket except the nft folder

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    Quote Originally Posted by DnJcards View Post
    Thanks Paul for the deal and pm sent.
    I'm always looking to help a brutha out! C'mon, everyone, buy some cards!
    LF this ITG Decades 1980's Autograph: AMM2 - Mark Messier CAN SP. Also need many Emblems and Numbers from ITG Decades 1980's and may need Quads, Golds or other low print runs from that set.
    PC includes Sakic, Vaive, Salming, Lafleur, Shutt and anyone named Stastny except Yan. Starting a new, limited GETZLAF PC - looking for hard-signed autos of Getzlaf and any memorabilia with print run 100 or less.

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