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Thread: heritage relics 4 sale/trade

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    heritage relics 4 sale/trade

    not a wrestling collector, came across these in a huge lot I bought, I collect Derek jeter, eli manning and john starks, would love to get a lil paypal for them...
    Collects: John Starks, Derek Jeter and Eli Manning Auto's I understand you are a dealer and need the cheapest price, but that does not mean I will give away my cards to you.

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    how much for the 3?
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    I collect WWE/TnA, Packers, cubs, tigers, Celtics, and al ot of other junk...LoL

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    I would be interested in the Zack Ryder relic. Let me know how much you are looking to get.
    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    sorry guys these were traded to me yesterday greengoblin pm comming

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